SHOCK: Medical scientists bewildered by the answer to silencing tinnitus that was right below their noses all this time.

Forgotten 1903 Discovery Of A “Miracle Tone” Renders Merciless Tinnitus Helplessly Mute OVERNIGHT!

Doctors call this breakthrough remedy the "Fountain of Silence"...

And now you can drink from it and finally have peace and quiet for once in your life - starting tonight…

(Hint: This simple overnight "trick" anyone can do actually changes the physical structure of your brain).

April 7, 21 | BY TOM DAVIS

I was holding a gun to my head.

Counting 3...2...1...

"Daddy, daddy please don’t do it…"

My daughter screamed as the gun pressed against my head…

I wasn't committing suicide.

I was being brutally "murdered" by my agonizing tinnitus.

For years, I lived with this unrelenting terrorist in my head.

Just when I saw Emma’s tearful eyes my hand started trembling so badly, that I dropped the gun…

I got on my knees and burst into tears.

I never wanted to scare my little girl.

And I’ll never forgive myself for the terrible monstrosity I was about to cause to my family.

But it was this precise moment that led me on a 2-year journey through the dark underbelly of Big Pharma.

Eventually I discovered an incredibly effective, completely safe, all-natural and inexpensive method that makes it possible for you to "erase" the debilitating noise in your head and live a normal and happy life again.

With an ingenious new Swedish invention I was able to force the "screaming monster" out of my head...

But to this day I still can't take the image of my crying daughter and terrified wife out of my mind.

That's why I made my personal life-long mission to help as many people as possible to overcome this beast, which can turn even the most positive and sane person into a lifeless figure trapped inside his worst nightmare...

In the next 5 minutes you'll discover:

  • Why it’s totally WRONG trying to mask your tinnitus at night and how that’s actually making it WORSE

  • Why you should NEVER sleep in total silence and what you should ABSOLUTELY DO INSTEAD if you ever want to get better.

  • Why there’s no such thing as “Reactive Tinnitus” (no matter what anyone tells you) and the REAL reason for your tinnitus getting worse from loud sounds. Plus, exactly how to overcome this problem.

  • The revolutionary little-known Swedish device that I used to banish my “T” overnight, which also “tricks” your brain in total sleep “knockout” ASAP.

  • The 1903 forgotten "Miracle Tone" that makes your persistent noise inaudible and sends the fan and TV in permanent retirement.

(*IMPORTANT: If you really don’t have a couple of minutes right now, please save this story for later, because I PROMISE you, it will transform your life forever).

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Tom. I'm a maths teacher.

Just like you, I had tinnitus.

My ears have been ringing for over a decade.

For a long time it debilitated me.

I couldn't sleep at night.

I didn’t know how to get out of bed in the morning.

I was hopeless.

No one understood what I was going through.

Even my family and friends didn't care anymore.

Trust me I know exactly how you feel right now.

You're so scared that you may have to live with this never-ending noise in your head for the rest of your life...

Stress, anxiety and depression are eating your soul alive. Feeding the piercing “T” to become even louder.

And not being able to sleep a wink at night is probably the worst.

It's a vicious cycle that slowly kills you from inside out...

When you first went to the doctors they’ve certainly told you "There's no cure for tinnitus so just get used to it".

Not very encouraging, is it?

At that moment I was thinking…

My life is over and why can’t a cure be found?

Was this how my life was going to be from now on?

No hope of relief in sight… just a constant noise in my head that will haunt me until my dying breath?

How many days can I cry?

How many nights can pass until you fall apart from sleep loss? Not a lot...

Natural sleep remedies didn't do jack squat for you, so you probably tried countless sleep medications.

But sleeping pills are making your tinnitus even worse. You’re also hating the side effects like being drowsy, irritable and unfocused during the day.

Plus, even if some of them worked for a while, they’re just a short-term “solution”.

Studies show in the long run, these dangerous drugs can lead to serious negative consequences like heart attack, cancer or even death…

Not to mention the risk of overdosing. (Unfortunately, Elvis is not alive)...

I’m sure the pharmaceutical industry just prays you’ll never discover this little-known gadget I'm about to show you now…

Before we continue here's a big disclaimer:

Under no circumstances I'm promising you a cure. What I do promise you is that in the next 2 minutes I'm going to show you the ONLY way I found to get relief from this tormenting noise (which coincidentally happens to be the easiest and most practical thing you could do).

This method is so incredibly powerful that it has been clinically proven to reduce the ringing, buzzing or hissing regardless of your age or the severity of your tinnitus.

And without you having to spend a single cent on expensive hearing aids, useless WNGs, dangerous chemical-filled medications, risky snake oil supplements and imaginable “cures”...

But first, I want to WARN YOU that I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this presentation live online.

Because the greedy pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about this 100% safe and effective natural "trick". So make sure you read this post now, because they may take this down at any moment.

If you're sick and tired of feeling cursed with this awful sound, which robs you of all your joy and happiness…

This groundbreaking solution will “shut off” the gut-wrenching roaring that’s been ruining your life, so you can get back to feeling completely normal again.

Your days will be quiet and peaceful…

No more stress, anxiety, being angry or feeling sad and depressed over something you didn’t choose. You won’t be a victim anymore.

Forget the dreadful sleepless nights, when you were tossing and turning for hours on end, praying for just a second of silence.

You'll no longer have to struggle to concentrate on your work or read a book.

Moreover, you’ll regain your social life back. And finally be able to relax and go out with your friends and family….

And most importantly you'll never again be limited by this burdensome noise.

Here’s the story of how I stumbled upon a near-miraculous sound that can send your "T" demon hiding for his dear life and literally saved my life and helped thousands of others...

The #1 Mistake 95% Of All Tinnitus Sufferers Do That Actually Makes Your "T" Much WORSE

For years, the most ridiculous thing I've been doing was trying to mask my tinnitus with other external sounds to help me sleep at night.

But later my audiologist told me that this was actually making my tinnitus WORSE and even louder during the day.


Because of two reasons:

1) We all know that no matter what any snake oil salesman tells you there's no cure, magic pill, operation or silver bullet to make your tinnitus instantly disappear.

However experts have discovered a thing called "habituation". 

Habituation is when your brain stops perceiving the sound of tinnitus as a threat.

Thus when the sound is not a threat anymore, your brain doesn't have to worry so much about it. So it stops paying any attention to the annoying noise. Therefore your “T” becomes less and less noticeable, less annoying and eventually it diminishes to a point where it doesn't bother you at all.

However, here's the catch.

If you want this habituation process to happen as fast as possible (where the phantom noise isn't haunting you anymore) and be freed from it...

You should NEVER try to mask it with other sounds or the habituation will never happen.

That's because the brain can't habituate to something it can't hear.

Your brain will still perceive this noise as a threat. So it will never heal from it.

If something doesn't get better, guess what automatically happens? It gets even worse and you're going to see why in a second.

Remember that your brain is plastic. And it has the amazing ability to change itself throughout our whole lives!

This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity and it's nothing new. It's been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt in the scientific literature with 100s of thousands of studies.

So you have to give your brain (the most incredible and complex object in the universe) the chance to HEAL itself.

2) The second reason why you're worsening your tinnitus by trying to drown it out with sounds is because of another underlying problem.

Have you ever been exposed to a loud or not-so-loud sound, but you felt it so excruciatingly painful? Your tinnitus also spiked afterward?

Many people believe this is "Reactive Tinnitus". But no matter what anyone tells you, there's no such thing as tinnitus reacting to other sounds...

The REAL cause of your tinnitus reacting to sounds is hyperacusis (noise hyper-sensitivity).

Fortunately, this unpleasant feeling is an easy fix.

To get rid of this tinnitus enemy you should "desensitize" yourself to all noises.

That's why you should never try to tune out your tinnitus with other external sounds - not a fan, not a TV, and definitely not music…

Now, maybe you’re thinking "Ok, I'll just sleep in silence..."

But that's also a HUGE mistake you should avoid.

Every seasoned "tinnitus veteran" knows that sleeping in complete silence, only makes your tinnitus louder.

That's because when it's totally quiet around, your brain raises its own background activity. This in turn increases the sound of your "T".

Imagine like your brain turns up its internal volume control when there's no other noise around. So what you hear inside your head gets even louder and more intrusive.

Now, you can't sleep in silence, but you must also never try to dominate your tinnitus with other masking sounds... so what do you do then?

Introducing The "Miracle Tone"

It might sound counterintuitive, but the key is to have a specific sound frequency that plays in your ears when you're asleep.

In 1903, a physician called Spaulding used a piano to match the frequency of tinnitus in his patients and played the frequency until it became inaudible to his patients.

So what's that special sound pitch?

In medical terms, it's called Sound Enrichment Therapy or Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT).

This has been proven to be the only viable and effective method to help you habituate to the never-ending noise and relieve it over time.

TRT has been backed by the most credible science institutions on tinnitus such as:

Sound enrichment is when you supply your brain and auditory system overnight with special therapeutic sounds in the exact frequency (which you'll hear in a second) to provide relief from tinnitus and have a peaceful sleep.

Don't worry, it's nothing annoying at all. In fact, I bet you'll really like it... 

And you don't need any insanely expensive sound machines worn in your ears all day long to get the amazing benefits of this sound enrichment therapy.

Even my audiologist (who I very much trust and respect) has told me that those devices are BS for what they do and not worth the money.

Rest assured because I'm going to show you a groundbreaking gadget that not only costs 33 times less, but it's GUARANTEED to work or you don't pay.

How Does It Work?

The founder of this powerful relief method, Dr. Jastreboff (Ph.D. in Neurophysiology, Doctor of Sciences Degree in Neuroscience and multiple prestigious award winner for his contribution to the field of tinnitus) explains how sound enrichment works:

"When you're asleep, your brain and auditory system are now supplied with additional sounds. By adding these pleasant external tones you'll be less aware of your tinnitus and it can make your "T" less intrusive.

What happens is that your brain turns down its background activity (like a volume control) . Thus lowering the tinnitus too. This technique also decreases sound sensitivity (hyperacusis).

Remember that the brain never switches off. Evidence of this is when doctors advise relatives and close friends to talk to someone they know that might unfortunately be in a coma.

With time, continuous sound exposure reduces neural activity in the brain, which is responsible for tinnitus generation and perception. Thus the brain habituates to the sound (no longer paying any attention to the threatening noise) and pushes the tinnitus further into the background. Studies show altering these brain patterns may result in a permanent reduction in tinnitus perception.

This means less frustration and anxiety over something which you previously had no control over. You'll no longer be defined by your 'dis-ease'.

Think of your tinnitus as a candle burning in a dark room. This candle will seem bright until we turn on the rest of the lights in the room. Now the same candle becomes much less noticeable than when it was dark."

Many tinnitus sufferers experience immediate relief from sound enrichment.

For example, a 2018 scientific study1 on sound therapy for tinnitus showed a "clinically significant reduction in tinnitus symptom severity".

Another evidence review from March 20202 found that "sound therapy/sound enrichment are a clinically and cost effective way of reducing the impact of tinnitus".

More good news is that there are other amazing benefits from this type of sound therapy such as stress and anxiety relief, falling asleep faster and easier, and STAYING asleep deeper. (All of which you'll discover now).

But there's a caveat!

The sound frequency of what you're listening to should be just BELOW the noise level of your tinnitus.

As we talked, trying to mask your "T" is a big no-no.

That's why we call it the "Miracle Tone".

So how do you find this perfect pitch if you don't know how loud your tinnitus is?

Luckily for you, you don't actually need to know the exact frequency of your tinnitus. All you have to do is set these miracle tones just a tiny bit quieter than your tinnitus, so it doesn't mask it completely and it's comfortable enough for you to listen all night.

So what should I be listening to?

There are a couple of options you can choose from like white/pink/blue/brown noise, binaural beats, relaxing and calming music... But of course, there's nothing better than the sound enrichment of Nature...

The lifeblood of the forest...

The weaves crashing on a beach shore...

The crackling sounds of a fireplace...

Or the raindrops falling on a metal rooftop...

This will create the perfect "storm" for you to fall asleep fast and easily.

Newer research3,4,5 reveals that these deeply soothing sounds are proven to ease stress and anxiety and deeply relax your body and mind.

Thus helping you fall asleep quickly and naturally without any drugs.

Not only that but by calming your nervous system and reducing your fight or flight response, this will improve your sleep quality, so you can wake up fully rested and have the energy for all day. 

Not only that, but the environmental sounds will KEEP you deeply asleep all night long, because you won't be woken up to the noise of your tinnitus.

Plus, a good night of sleep is essential to speeding up the recovery of the brain and living a happier, healthier and longer life.

To Recap:

By listening to environmental audio enrichment, the brain over time will learn to no longer see the tinnitus as a threat. Then gradually push the noise further into the background giving it less importance and making it less noticeable during the waking hours.Until it eventually becomes insignificant.

I know it sounds crazy, but your brain will actually change its physical structure (neuroplasticity), so the debilitating noise will become its new silence.

Basically you “hack” your mind to think of noise as every normal person thinks of quiet.

It’s as if all one has to do is turn to Mother Nature to find all the answers.

And now that you know exactly what you should and shouldn't do, here's the device I discovered that does it for you...

Introducing the Dream Mask...

After years of suffering and finally discovering the “Miracle Tone”, I stumbled upon this weird gadget called Dream Mask.

Originally it was developed by Swedish sleep experts and scientists to “trick” your mind into falling asleep quickly. However, I find it perfect for my tinnitus.

It's a sleep mask, which has ultra-slim Bluetooth headphones so you can comfortably listen to anything you want (like the natural sounds I shared with you).

And unlike wearing painful and dangerous for tinnitus earbuds, (you’ll be able to comfortably sleep on your sides). With the Dream Mask you won't be cutting off ear circulation, which can lead to permanent necrosis and irreversible hearing loss, which will make your tinnitus a hell!

You’ll also like the bonus blackout part of the mask. Total darkness increases your melatonin production and helps you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

But that's not all...

If you want to find out what other relaxation techniques this device uses to quickly help you ease into Dreamland, please check them on the Dream Mask's official website. There you'll discover:

  • The Tiny Unexpected Particle That Can Sabotage Your Sleep More Than Drinking Caffeine Before Bed (Even If You've Got A Full 8 Hours Of Sleep).

  • What The Heck Is "Touch Pressure Stimulation" And Why Harvard Scientists Suggest This Technique For Calming Even Kids With Autism?

  • "The 4th Hidden Mechanism" Behind The Dream Mask (Hint: It Has Something To Do With The Russian Scientist Dr. Pavlov's Dog).

What Happened Over The Next 30 Days Changed My Life Forever And It Can Do The Same For You!

Once I tried listening to nature sounds at night with the Dream Mask mannn... guysss... it's hard to believe that by the 2nd day there was a terrific improvement in my sleep and daily life.

From the 10th day onwards I became addicted to falling asleep (and STAYING asleep) by listening to this "MAGIC" audio.

And slowly over time my "T" almost completely disappeared.

I still have the constant ringing in my ears but my brain accepted that it is not a threat anymore. And it doesn't bother me NOT ONE BIT.

I no longer have the anxiety of being unable to fall asleep or constantly waking up at night.

I can once again do the things I enjoyed doing like going to the movies with my wife and daughter, listening to music when working out, reading for hours on end...

And most importantly I no longer fear that my tinnitus will get worse and I won't be able to cope with it.

It's a nightmare that I overcame with the help of God.

I shared my story in hopes that it will help relieve someone's suffering as much as it did mine, because I know exactly how desperate you feel right now, but there's light at the end of the tunnel!


Where can I get the Dream Mask from?

Here's a link to the Dream Mask’s official website.

Ordering online can be hit or miss sometimes. But the company offers a 101-night trial.

I was shocked to find out their unbelievable guarantee...

"If you're not deeply asleep in 15 minutes (or less) you'll get a full refund..."

And you can keep the Dream Mask! No questions asked.

That way there's zero risk on your shoulders when buying. Plus no hassle to refund the product.

So what do you have to lose? Nothing.

But make sure you order from the official Dream Mask site. That way you know you’re getting the best quality product, the most trustworthy shipping and an unbeatable guarantee in case something happens with your Dream Mask or you don't like it.

In fact, I've ordered one more for my wife. She was getting jealous that I sleep so well lately and wanted to use it for herself too. I recommend you do the same. Get 2 or more and you'll even save a good few bucks.

UPDATE: Right now they're running a special "2021 Sleep Day Up To 50% Off Sale" + They're giving away a copy of "The Sleep Bible" for FREE. This offer is for a limited time only, so don't wait and get yours today!

How long does it take before I start seeing the positive effect of this method?

The most common pitfall for most people is that they don't it enough time to see the results. They had tinnitus for 30 years and they want the neuroplasticity in the brain to happen in 1 night... Using the Dream Mask will instantly improve your sleep regardless of your tinnitus. However, if you truly want to live a peaceful and quiet life like a normal human being... You'll need to give it at least 8 weeks. How long depends entirely on the person and for how long you have been suffering from tinnitus. The longer you had it, the more time you'll need for your brain to heal. Remember, you are trying to help yourself and no one else will. That's why it so important to stick with it, even if you don't fully believe it'll work in the beginning. You'll have to trust the process and the scientific evidence from tens of thousands of people that are already getting relief from it.

Is it safe to listen to other sounds with tinnitus at night?

As stated above, it's 100% safe and the only effective natural solution out there. But really the key is to keep the volume just below your tinnitus level or nothing's going to happen otherwise. It will even treat if you have hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to sounds) that worsen your tinnitus.

Can I just use regular earbuds or normal headphones to listen to sound enrichment at night?

The following doesn’t apply in every case of tinnitus for there are some people that have large fluctuations with it and every day can be a different experience. This is one of the most severe forms of tinnitus and medications may be required to help cope with the condition. Habituating to this type of tinnitus is still possible to an extent but does present additional problems.

To others, I will say this: You will know when you have habituated to your tinnitus, as your brain will over time push it further into the background so it becomes less significant, in a similar way to the people that have super mild tinnitus. Although your tinnitus may be present and on occasions, it will spike, over time it will cease to be so much of a problem, unless you deliberately focus on it and bring it to the forefront of your mind.

How do I know if I have hyperacusis?

One of the main causes of tinnitus is exposure to loud noise. Quite often though hyperacusis, (sensitivity to sounds) accompanies the condition. This is because the nerves in the auditory pathway have been subjected to noise trauma and thus become highly sensitized. Hyperacusis can be extremely painful. It can cause tinnitus to spike sometimes making it last for days until it settles down again. Within this time the person affected can be in a lot of discomfort.

Music that was once pleasurable to listen to through a home music system or radio is now an ordeal so one prefers not to listen to it. The closing of doors, washing up of kitchen plates and cutlery is enough to send a person running for cover, as it can feel like a pneumatic drill is piercing through the head and ears. It can become such a problem that some people are afraid to venture outside their home in fear of road traffic noise, sparking an increase in their tinnitus due to their sensitivity to sound. In severe cases, conversation with someone can be painful to the ears.

Regardless of whether you have it or not, sound enrichment is still the best way to deal with your tinnitus.


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