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How to use it?

1. Press once PLAY/STOP button to start playing, press once again to stop playing.

2.Press Vol- for previous song/ Press Vol+ for next song.

3. Long press Vol- to reduce the volume.

4. Long press Vol+ to increase the volume.

Is it really comfortable for side sleepers?

Yes! The ultra-thin headphones are padded and hidden below the memory foam.

If you have a soft pillow your head will sink and you won't feel any discomfort at all.

You can also easily adjust the position of the speakers to match your ears perfectly for ultimate comfort and sound clarity.

What is the sound quality like?

We have to be honest with you. Please don't expect the sound quality of a pricy "Bose" headphones. These speakers are made to be adequate for sleeping and you'll be able to hear everything loud and clear enough for this purpose.

Here's what some of our customers have to say:

- "The sound quality is fine for the ambient noises I use it for. Even music doesn't sound terrible, so long as you aren't looking for an overly deep sound experience while wearing these. They charged quicker than advertised and held the charge through a night of sleep."

- "Well, imagine my surprise when this thing delivered a quality of sound equal to my $50 headphones while blasting 80's power ballads... and my husband who was laying a foot away did not hear a thing. You can be listening to music at a very comfortable volume and the sound remains audible just for whoever is wearing it. The sound quality is great, not just for the price, great period. I don't really use it to receive calls but I tried it once and the other person heard me just fine, so it seems the mic works quite well too."

- "These are not headphones so the sound quality isn’t superb, but it is just perfect enough to be a calming ambient sound."

- "The sound quality is more impressive than I expected, and while it doesn't hold a candle to proper, over the ears headphones, I was impressed for how clear the sound comes through - highs and lows are well defined."

- "The sound quality is obviously not like that of higher priced headphones, but they are totally sufficient for me for this context. I believe the quality is sufficient enough to take advantage of the subtleties of the brainfm technologies."

- "The sound quality is what you might expect. Not 5 star (maybe 4.3 stars) but I use mine for podcasts and books mostly so it is perfect."

-"The sound quality is great & the actual speaker parts can be moved around inside their pocket to ensure you are getting the best sound."

- "Sound quality is fairly decent, I have a hearing loss and can hear music fine through it."

- " isn't bad and it isn't high-end, but i don't think they sounded like cheap headphones."

Are the headphone speakers noise-canceling?

No, they have no noise-canceling feature. Only headphones that go over your ears have can have noise-cancellation. However, the sounds you play will be powerful and loud enough to block out most outside noises.

The only way to cancel out any outside noises is if you put earplugs inside your ears. Still, there is no such thing as soundproof earplugs, because the cranial bone also transmits vibrations to the eardrum, you will be able to hear very loud noises.

Can I still hear some noises?

Yes, depending on what you are listening to you will still be able to hear loud noises (such as crying baby, someone breaking into your home, the alarm going off, etc.).

Will it completely block out snoring?

Yes and no. The sound of what you’re listening to will help drown out the snoring, but it depends on how loud the person next to you snores. If it’s like a lawnmower you can try putting earplugs and use the mask on top. This should help out a ton! In either case, it won’t hurt to try and if it doesn’t mask the annoying noise, just get a hassle-free refund.

Does the mask get too hot?

No. the Dream Mask will stay cool on your face even during the summer. It is made out of premium memory foam with silky smooth soft fabric and breathable materials allowing ventilation. Fibers of hypoallergenic materials allow healthy oxygen while keeping dry air out.

The optimal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67°F (15.6 and 19.4°C) for healthy sleep. With that in mind, you won’t break a drop of sweat on your face.

Will I really get 100% blackout?

Yes! Unlike other sleep masks, this one has padding that closely fits the bridge of the nose and ensures 100% blackout. You will be able to enjoy pure darkness, essential for your body’s natural sleep mechanisms.

Will the person next to me be able to hear the sound of what I am listening to?

No, others won't be able to hear the sound from the audio and it won't bother them at all.

Remember you should be listening to a soft, comfortable level when you sleep.

What about Bluetooth waves close to my brain?

Rest assured that Bluetooth waves are 100% safe. Our Bluetooth headphones generate much much less EMF (electromagnetic fields) than cell phones, so the risk is insignificant. Cell phones emit 200 times more power than the Bluetooth chip that we use. So while the safety tips apply to cell phones, they do not apply to our Bluetooth headphones. For Bluetooth devices, the WHO , CDC , FCC, FDA, Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group) or IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) have found that Bluetooth technology is completely safe.

Do I have to turn off the mask before I fall asleep?

No, you don't. You can just play something that will end automatically in your desired time for falling asleep. Some people, however, prefer to turn the mask off just right before they fall asleep.

Is there any flashing light at night to disturb my partner?

No, there isn't any annoying light to flash at night. The light flashes only come on when the mask pairs and when you turn it off. The rest of the time the light is off.

Does it fall off my face when I'm sleeping?

No, the mask fits gently, yet tight around your head and doesn't slip off. You can go from side to side multiple times at night and not worry about the mask falling off or moving around.

If the battery runs down will it “beep” to wake me up?

No, it won’t make any sound when it powers down.

Can you open your eyes using the product? Does it put any pressure on my eyes? What if I have long eyewashes?

3D design for the eyecups puts no pressure on your eyes. The mask won't press against your eyes and won’t smoosh against your eyeballs. Eyelids can blink freely. If you have very long eyelashes, they may touch the inner wall of the eyecups. However, there shouldn’t be any discomfort. 

Will it wake you up if someone is calling you in the middle of the night? 

No, if you enable the "DO NOT DISTURB" mode on your device.

How can I wash the mask?

1. Just take out the Bluetooth module from the special pocket designed.

2. Put the mask in the carrying pouch included and then wash with it. Using the bag will significantly increase the lifespan of the materials!

3. Let it air dry naturally.

4. Don’t forget to put the speakers back in :)

How do I charge the mask?

Use the short cable included. Gently pull the wire out. Plug the small end (micro size) into the small cable that is attached to the eye mask. It could be tucked inside the mask on the left side. The other end of the cable is a standard size USB (male) that plugs into your USB source. Put the charger port back to the pocket when you are wearing the mask.


Note: We recommend keeping your mask by your bedside table to charge it more easily. This way it will always be charged for the next use and you will never be unpleasantly surprised.

Disclaimer: do not charge the battery more than necessary (2-2.5 hours max). Do not leave it charging for all day long. Lithium batteries can produce a non-conductive layer inside the battery if overcharged. This greatly reduces the capacity of the battery.

Can I use the mask as an alarm?

Yes. If you set an alarm clock on your phone and the mask is connected to your phone, then you will hear the alarm on through the mask.

Can I accidentally press any buttons to change the volume, music or make a phone call?

No. The control panel is on the front of the forehead, so unless you sleep on your face you won't push any buttons. As for the phone calls, the only way to dial someone is to do it manually from your phone.

Can I use the mask with my Bluetooth fitness tracker at the same time?

Yes, usually a mobile phone can support many bluetooth devices at the same time. There will be no conflict.

Will it leave any marks on my face?

No. You can use it all night and it won't leave any impressions on your face.

Does it cause blurry eyes in the morning and impact your vision?

Absolutely not! One of the most common problems with generic and cheap sleep masks is that they directly press against your eyes. This is unhealthy and can often create blurred vision in the morning for 40+ minutes. The Bluetooth Dream Mask’s hollow eye cups solve this problem because there is no direct pressure on your eyes.

Will the Velcro pull my hair?

No, the strap won’t get stuck in your hair.

Can I use it for calls?

Yes. The mask has a built-in microphone and you can use it to talk to people on the phone.

Is the mask compatible with all Bluetooth devices?


How do I use my Dream Mask?

1. Simply turn on your device's Bluetooth.

2. Press and hold the 'on/off' power button on the mask until a red/blue light starts flashing.

3. Find 'BT-01' on the Bluetooth list on your phone, connect it and you're done!

Note: Please disconnect all paired devices in the first place. Then pair the mask.

How do I use my Dream Mask?

1. Simply turn on your device's Bluetooth.

2. Press and hold the 'on/off' power button on the headband until a red/blue light starts flashing.

3. Find 'BT-01' on the Bluetooth list on your phone, connect it and you're done!

Note: Please disconnect all paired devices in the first place. Then pair the headband.

How to remove the speakers?

1. Please take out the speakers before washing.

2. Put the headband/mask in the cloth washing bag.

3. Let it air dry naturally.

4. Don’t forget to put the speakers back in :)